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bracesOrthodontics is a form of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. These problems are classified as malocclusion, which means a bad bite. Dr. Wilson is skilled in the design, application and control of corrective appliances, also known as braces, to bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment to achieve facial balance.

It is always less expensive to correct a problem when the patient is younger than to wait for the problem to become more serious in the future.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Improve profile, smile, and self-esteem
  • Correct harmful habits, such as thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting
  • Develop the arches and make more room for the tongue
  • Improved speech
  • Reduction of time in fixed braces, frequently eliminating the need for extracting permanent teeth
  • Increases nasal breathing, which improves health
  • Eliminates airway constriction
  • Creates beautiful broad smiles by developing the arches
  • Eliminates grinding of teeth at night
  • Prevents headaches and earaches

Adult Orthodontics

adult-bracesYou are never too old to improve your smile. Dr. Wilson also treats adults for a wide variety of conditions, from overbites to underbites. Approximately 25 percent of today’s orthodontic patients are adults. Teeth can be moved at any age, and therefore more adults are proceeding with orthodontic treatment to achieve straight teeth, a beautiful smile, and healthy jaw joints. Many adults prefer the clear or gold braces, which are more esthetically pleasing than the standard metal braces.

No two smiles are alike, and therefore no two orthodontic treatment programs are either. Typically, active treatment times range from one to two years and vary with the degree of tooth movement and the severity of the problem.